Språkservice is a translation agency providing a wide range of language services in a number of languages.

Translators working for Språkservice have special competence in areas such as technical documents, law, IT, marketing and sales. All translations are carried out by experienced native speakers of the target language.
This makes Språkservice a safe choice.


Thanks to a large network of skilled translators and government authorised translators, we can undertake large assignments with short time limits. We use advanced translating tools in our work, and the administration of Språkservice is very efficient.
As a result, we can offer short delivery times and low prices.


It is very important that you can count on your cooperation partners to keep their promises. We take our responsibilities seriously, and always deliver on time and at the agreed price. We take good care of our customers.
As a result, our customers return.

We hope to have the pleasure of cooperating also with you.

Einar Juliebø
General Manager

Fields of expertise

Our translators have experience and competence within a number of disciplines, among them the following:
• Technical documents and IT: instructions, manuals, software
• Marketing and sales: brochures, web sites, product descriptions
• Law and economy: contracts, court rulings, annual reports

Our translators are handpicked for each assignment, depending on the qualifications required, to ensure the highest possible linguistic and professional accuracy.

Språkservice collaborates with a network of translators commanding of a number of languages and fields of expertise. Our collaborators have been chosen on the basis of their professional qualifications, efficiency and reliability.

Språkservice is managed by Einar Juliebø, Cand. Philol. (Master of Arts)
Master of Arts from the University of Bergen.

Has among other things work as interpreter for the Governor of Svalbard.
Started Språkservice in 1999 and has acquired comprehensive experience through:
Translations from English, German, Russian, Swedish and Danish into Norwegian
Interpreting for the police and the administration of justice.
Subtitling of TV programmes

Språkservice is a particularly effective organisation and our administrative costs are low. Experience has shown that our prices are therefore lower than those of the larger translation agencies. Prices vary according to the size of the assignment and its degree of difficulty.

Please send us the document you wish to have translated, as an e-mail attachment, and you will shortly receive an offer.

The finished product may be delivered by e-mail, post or telefax. The simplest and most efficient procedure is that we receive the document you want to have translated by e-mail and return the finished translation in the same way.

Contact information
Mailing address:
Heggelund 15
N-6020 Ålesund

Telephone: +47 70 15 41 88
Mobile: + 47 996 03 405
Telefax: +47 70 14 57 44

E-mail : post@sprakservice.no

Office hours: 08.00–16.30